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10 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I am not able to download anything from this site. Am I missing the proper proceedure?
    You are doing great service to the art of our musical tradition. Thanks

  2. Mehdi Hassan Sahib is no more with us. waiting for posting regarding Mehdi Sahib, as his style of Ghazal singing is khayal style.

  3. I am hunting for an old HMV recording by Ustad Latafat Hussain of Agra gharana: Raga Megh, “Aye ati dhoom dham” Please help me to find it.

  4. hello how r u all? no new recordings for quite sometime so turning to old uploads from time to time. Umeed ali khan: very clear in diction, very nice taan improvisation and very distinguished lineage, loved bilaskhani todi by him, thanks take care.

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