Abdul Latif Khan
Allah Rakha
Allauddin Khan (Esraj)
Bundu Khan
Dhruba Ghosh
Gopal Mishra
Ghulam Muhammad
Hamid Hussain
Inayat Shah (Dilruba)
Majid Khan
Mubarik Ali
Munir Khan
Munir Sarhadi (Sarinda)
Murad Ali
Nabi Bakhsh
Nathu Khan
Nazim Ali
Ram Narayan
Sabri Khan
Shakoor Khan
Sultan Khan
Umrao Khan

11 thoughts on “Sarangi

  1. Dear friends of Sarangi and ICM !

    … its a great pleasure to see you coming back with this new website/wordpress blog. I missed during last months many times the access to

    Actually I am searching for details about the Sarangi player Ustsad Hussain Baksh. So fare I know he belonged to Amritsar Gharana

    … and the traditoin of Ussain B. is carried on by his grandson Zohaib Hasssan Khan. Same I yet have not found any details about Zohaib H.

    Would thank you for giving me orientation. I am great lover of ICM.

    Please have a look at the topics I presented during last 3.5 years in my monthly radio show for Indian (Music) culture… its the single all years radio programme of that kind in whole German language area:

    ( More details about the single themes you find here: )

    And please take notice the social aspect of my non-commercial show:

    So fare, hearing from you as soon as possible…

    Warm regards
    ElJay Arem

    (P.S.: Please all further correspondence via direct email. If you are interested, later we can proceed our correspondence via chat, video conference or cost free Skype telephony.)

    1. Eljay Eram
      Ustad Hussain Baksh Amritsari was born at Amritsar in a family of sarangi players.
      He got his early training from his father Ustad Fateh Din and his uncle Ustad
      Sain Ditta.He started public performing at an early age.He became shagirid of Ustad Piran Ditta of Jhlandar. He was inspired by Ustad Shakoor Khan. After partition, the family migrated to Lahore.He was an integral part of all sarangi performances at Lahore.All the well known vocalists were his personal friends and he accompanied all of them. He had well known shagrids like Ustad Pheero Khan, Ustad Abdul Hameed, Nisar Hussain, Murad Ali, Hazara Singh and others. His tradidition is now being carried forward by his grandson–Zohaib Hassan Khan.
      He died in Lahore in 1885.
      Zohaib Hassan Khan is a young promising Sarangi Player and working very hard to make good name for himself and his family.Zohaib Hassan is at Lahore.

      If you want to know anything more , please send me email as above.

      warmest Regards

  2. Thanks for posting this unbelievable sarangi performance.This is pure magical-out of this world music.
    Beautiful, Beautiful,Beautiful

  3. It is this bejeweled foundation upon which Sikh gurus composed hymns for liberation of soul and creation of love filled souls.That is why Guru sahibs gave top priority to keertan singing/listening.May God give peace to all raga singers may be vocalists or instrumentalists who by their very very hard work kept the traditions alive.I have used ragas in my web site so that people may relish heavenly fruits.

  4. is the best site in the world for all music lovers.It contain all the material about music.I have a suggestion please make different page for other instruments like sitar,sarod etc. like you have for sarangi.

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