2 thoughts on “Bilawal

  1. Dear web makers,

    Thanks for proving such great music info. I am a new in your world, since my childhood I am inspired by the Indian classic music now I am learning Harmonium in Holland by some Pakistani ustad like Ustad Inaam Ali khan. I fond your website very interesting I am going to listen to all of the raags. It would be very good if you could write the S R G M P a long with the mp3 file or just write the S R G M P D N S in a table with the Raag. Please find some nice video of the same raag or give us some references or links.

    With best regards,

    Abdul Hadi Amini

    1. Hi, dear I am also inspired by the Indian classical music and gurus and I have some Links to share with you.

      You can contact me on whatsapp

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