Aftab’s Summer 2019 Collection

A Yellow-backed Woodpecker, Attributed to Mansur; Mughal Period, circa 1585-90.

وحشت کہاں کہ بے خودی انشا کرے کوئی
ہستی کو لفظِ معنیِ عنقا کرے کوئی

where is the wildness/madness– [such] that someone would write self-lessness?!
[such that] someone would make ‘existence’ a word with the meaning of ‘Anqa‘?


Hello Everyone! It has been two years since our last music update and this website is now over fourteen years old. I want to thank Aftab and all other friends for helping me keep it going for this long, and I hope that you visitors continue to find these precious recordings enjoyable and useful.


Taimur Khan

Ali Baksh Zahoor – Laakh Jatan Kar Haari

Altaf Hussain Khan – Puriya Dhaneshree (Tarana)

Amanat Ali and Fateh Ali Khan – Jait Malhar

Amar Nath Dey – Ektaal (Tabla Solo)

Amir Ahmed Khan – Ahir Bhairav (APMC 1987)

Anjanibai Lolekar – Bageshree

Ata Hussain Khan – Bahar

Azambai – Purvi (Tarana)

Azizuddin Mirza – Jaunpuri

Azmat Hussain Khan – Nayaki (Demo)

Bade Ghulam Ali Khan – Kedar (Lahore, 1950s)

Bundu Khan – Bilawal Bahar

Chidanand Nagarkar – Miyan Malhar

Chote Ghulam Ali Khan – Shudh Kalyan

Hamid Hussain Khan – Lalita Gauri

Inayat Ali – Gara (APMC, 1961)

Inayatbai – Kafi

Jagannathbuwa Purohit – Ahir Bhairav

Kishori Amonkar – Kafi Kanada

Krishnarao Shankar Pandit – Bhairav Bahar

Laddan Khan – Sohni

Latafat Hussain Khan – Tilang Nat

Mogubai Kurdikar – Kedar Nat

Mohammad Iqbal – Bihagada

Mohammad Bakhsh – Gujri Todi (Sitar)

Mubarak Ali Khan – Darbari

Mubarak Ali Khan – Shyam Kalyan (APMC, 2012)

Munawar Ali Khan – Bahar

Munir Sarhadi – Pashto Folk (Sarinda; APMC, 1987)

Mushtaq Ali Khan – Puriya (Surbahar)

Nazakat Ali and Zakir Ali Khan – Miyan ki Todi (Radio Pakistan)

Nisar Hussain Khan – Bhairavi (Tarana)

Salamat Ali Khan – Kullar Sarang (Santoor)

Sharafat Hussain Khan – Raisa Kanada

Tawaqqal Hussain Khan – Jangla Bhairavi

Umeed Ali Khan – Kedar (Radio Pakistan)

Yeshwant Rai Purohit – Basant

Zahoori Khan – Basant


16 thoughts on “Aftab’s Summer 2019 Collection

  1. Thank you for the new upload, I visited the site quite a few times in between hoping to find some new material but was left disappointed. I hope you guys will now try to upload more stuff iin the coming days.

  2. I thought the great Tawakal khan didn’t want his recording left behind, because of his very discreet knowledge of Indian classical vocal music and his selfish desire to keep his singing close to his chest so that no one can adopt or copy his style of singing. I am utterly delighted to listen to this rare and perhaps the only recording of his lifetime, if indeed it’s his. If there are more of his material please upload it as soon as possible. Many thanks for this great historical recording.

      1. A Hindu singer has to be borne 1000 times before he can come anyway near Tawakal Khan, in fact he has to become a Muslim to do so.
        Pandit Jagdish Prasad has a cat in hell’s chance to sing like this.

      2. Shaukat Hussain this is rather painful. A hindu singer can become as good a singer as any muslim or christian singer. Just by changing religion you cannot replace talim or ryaz.

  3. kindly upload raag bairagi sung by roshan ara begum and some other recordings from radio pakistan of hers and ustad umeed ali khan’s. many thanks.

  4. Hello Could you pls check if kafi kanada is Indeed by kishori amonkar PL If it is not my guess is Padma talwalkar Kulkarni

  5. Many thanks Dr. Taimur & Aftab for you persevering efforts in spreading ICM. Is U.Hamid Hussain’s track from EP ? curious what could be on other side. U.Tawakkal hussain track is in fact by a Pt. Jagdish Prasad from his early days. I had a fortune to spend some time with him. Best regards

  6. Dear Taimur and Aftab Bhai Sahabs, I am eternally grateful for all your efforts to keep the flame alive. Best wishes for a productive and happy new year.

  7. Has anyone got any biographical information on the Sitar exponent Mohammad Bakhsh? I have in my possession a 78 rpm record of his, would like to know more about him.

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