The Seventh Spring

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn :: Four Orientals seated under a tree; bearded old men wearing turbans, seated in a half-circle on a terrace, one holding a cup, the other a book, a steep rocky outcrop behind. c.1656-1661 | Click image for larger view. | source:

Aftab Datta had promptly uploaded the following gems from his collection for the seventh anniversary of, and I am responsible for the tardiness of this post. Emerson says in Spiritual Laws, “If you visit your friend, why need you apologize for not having visited him, and waste his time and deface your own act? Visit him now.”

Happy Equinox!

muddat hu’ii hai yaar ko mihmaaN kiye hu’e
josh-e qadah se bazm chiraaghaaN kiye hu’e

it’s been some time since the beloved/friend was made a guest
[and] the mehfil illuminated with the fervor of the [wine] cup

Ahmad Ali and Rahmat Ali Khan – Shuddh Sarang
Amanat Ali and Fateh Ali Khan – Miyan Malhar
Moinuddin and Aminuddin Dagar – Durga (Khamaj Thaat)
Amir Khan – Megh (unpublished)
Anant Manohar Joshi – Mawra
Anoklal Misra – Teentaal (tabla solo)
Arnab Chakrabarty – Des (sarod)
Ashraf Sharif Khan – Chhayanat (sitar)
Azmat Hussain Khan – Shuddh Nat
Badal Khan – Bhairav Bahar (sarangi)
Bashir Hussain – Asavari (sarangi)
Begum Akhtar – morii ho tuut gayii
Bade Ghulam Ali Khan – Sohni (1954)
Bhimsen Joshi – Lalit
Bundu Khan – Tilak Kamod (sarangi)
Chand Khan – Marubehag
Fateh Ali Khan – Hamsadhwani
Fayyaz Khan – Bageshree (Tarana)
Gajananrao Joshi – Puriya
Govind Prasad Jaipurwale – Rageshree
Hamid Hussain – Madhkauns (sarangi)
Hiradai Barodekar – Todi
Ijaz Hussain Hazravi – albaila yaar russi russi janda
Ilyas Hussain Khan – Chandni Kedar
Inderlal Dhandra – Gaud Sarang (sarangi)
Ismail Azad – na hum daulat ke bhooke haiN
Jagdish Prasad – Abhogi
Kabir – Aimen (sitar)
Kalyan Mukherjea – Hansakinkini
Khadim Hussain Khan – Adana (Tarana)
Latafat Hussain Khan – Lalit (Drut)
Latafat Hussain Khan – Miyan ka Sarang
Mehdi Hassan – Desi (Ghazal)
Moinuddin Khan – Nand (sarangi)
Mujahid Hussain Khan – Puriya Kalyan
Nabi Bakhsh – Shahana (sarangi)
Nathu Khan – Lalit (sarangi)
Nazakat Ali and Zakir Ali Khan – Bilaskhani Todi
Nissar Hussain Khan – Todi
Swami Parvatikar – Todi (dattatreya veena)
Sharif Khan Poonchwale – Behag (sitar)
Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar – Lalit
Ramzan Khan – Nat Bhairav (sarangi)
Rashid Khan – Jog
Rasiklal Andharia – Shuddh Sarang
Naseeruddin Saami – Darbari, Drut in Adana (Lahore Music Forum)
Naseeruddin Saami – Mand
Sadiq Ali Khan – Shankara (been)
Nazakat Ali and Salamat Ali Khan – Alhaiya Bilawal (Radio Pakistan)
Salamat Ali and Sharafat Salamat – Kamod
Shahid Parvez – Shyam Kalyan (sitar)
Shakoor Khan – Kedar (sarangi)
Sharafat Hussain Khan – Raisa Kanada
Sultan Khan – Patdeep (sarangi)
Surendranath – Darbari (been)
Swami Vallabhdas – Jog
Tarapada Chakraborty – Marwa
Vasantrao Deshpande – Chhayanat
Vijay Raghav Rao – Abhogi (bansuri)
Zia Moinuddin Dagar – Bhairavi (been)

17 thoughts on “The Seventh Spring

  1. what a beautiful durga rendition! thank you, aftab datta, for this recording and for all others that you shared with the rest of us!

  2. God bless you Aftab Saeb, for uploading a wealth of rare classical music, you are an angel, and I can’t thank you enough.

  3. Thank you very much for your uploading many good&precious music!
    I want to tell you one thing about Surendranath(Bandyopadhyay). He was a Vishnupur Gharana maestro of Sursringar. And I think that your file of Darbari rendition was played by Sursringar.

  4. Happy vernal Equinox to you too!

    I agree with Mr Nandakumar Kurudi wholeheartedly. Your collection is absolutely great. I particulary liked Vijay Raghav Rao’s rendition on Abhogi. I love his style very much.

    Just to let you know that I have also published our special playlist via Facebook for all the connoisseurs of Indian classical music as we are also celebrating our 5th anniversary and Panditji’s 92nd birthday in advance. This broadcast should not be missed by any. Please listen to us via & on Wednesday the 28th of March and the 4th of April between 7 & 8 pm UK time via the Internet.

    We would love to hear from you.

    Thanking you so much for all the lovely music you carefully and thoughtfully selected for us.



  5. Taimur brother looking for some music share on Eid. Eid Mubarak to all classical music lovers in advance.

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